Have Fun with Alexa This Christmas

Hey guys, hope you are ready to have fun in this Christmas holiday season. The digital assistant of Amazon called Alexa can bring the big smile on your face. In the days to come, you can utilize the Alexa for keeping it festive mood at house and entertaining party guests.



Here are some of the following ways to try Alexa for Christmas tips:

  • Play Christmas Music

Supposing you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, Alexa can tune up with all kinds of Christmas tunes from “That’s Christmas to Me by Pentatonix” to “The 50 Greatest songs of Christmas by Artists”.

If you have either Amazon Music unlimited or Spotify subscription, then there is a huge chance to have a big basket of Christmas tunes to play. If there is no subscription, then don’t worry, you can enable the Christmas Radio Skill and ask Alexa to play Christmas tunes. Even you can ask Alexa to sing you a Christmas carol, and you can be surprised at the result.

  • Play Christmas Music assisted by Santa

Speak Santa what you want to listen for holiday tunes. You can do the same through a new iHeartRadio skill named as iHeart Santa.

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When it is enabled, you can ask Alexa to “Talk to Santa Claus” then reply in the form of yes or no questions to assist “Santa” determine what type of Christmas music to play for you.

  • Listen “The Night Before Christmas” & other beautiful stories

Alexa can chant the entire poem, but her reading may lack certain warmth. For a livelier version, you can ask Alexa to play the poem as sung by Mary, Peter, and Paul.

  • Control your Christmas lights

There are various ways to keep Alexa to operate as the traffic cop for your Christmas lights. For this, you can connect a strand of lights into an Alexa-compatible smart plug. Now, you can ask like, “Alexa, Turn on the Christmas tree lights.”

Even you can also invest in a smart strand of lights such as Light Rhapsody which can change the colors, perform types of alluring effects. As this is Alexa-compatible, hence you don’t need to have a special outlet.

  • Deliver Christmas Cards

If you are not interested in sending a printed or mailed Christmas greeting cards, then Alexa can assist you in sending digitalized greeting cards to your dear one.

  • Advise daily acts of Kindness

The highest rated holiday skill (especially Christmas) for Alexa is the “Christmas Kindness skill.” It suggests performing any acts of kindness on a daily routine.

  • Search gifts

Alexa has the ability to find a massive catalog of Amazon products that you can use it to purchase them with your voice.

  • Play Christmas sounds

You can enable the Christmas Sounds skill for asking Alexa to play it. It’s just like a whole party happening inside your Echo! But it is noted that when you ask Alexa to stop the sounds, then it will not be turned off immediately.

  • Santa Track

You can ask “Where is Santa?” to be updated with the location and also to get some interesting facts by enabling the Norad Tracks Santa skill.

  • Exploring Christmas trivia

Alexa knows about the biggest holidays worldwide so, she can reply after questions like How old is Santa Claus?, Where does Santa Claus live? And many more.

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